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A better HR for a better Employee Journey

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.       

Simon Sinel

So, make your employees love their job and improve your company's skills.

With years of experience, we have the expertise to take your HR capabilities to the next level.

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Human Resources Consultancy: Services


Discover Our Expertise


This is an ideal solution for the companies having a small-sized HR Team and which find -obviously- costly recruiting a Senior HR Executive. Depending on your needs analysed in the beginning, our 20 years experienced HR Consultant dedicates a certain amount of hours weekly and work at your office as your HR Executive. In this process; we enhance the existing HR Processes and build a system in order to ensure the sustainability.

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We offer customized solutions for our clients’ organizations. These solutions intend to improve organizational effectiveness, to facilitate the internal communication and to make a remarkable touch to the employee journey.

In the centre of our HR Consulting model, there’s acting as Business Partner. In the first place; we understand your business environment and analyse the existing HR programs, so we take a picture. After this start; we develop the appropriate solutions for your organization and deliver an action plan.

We conduct HR Projects on the following subjects:

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning,

  • Performance Management System,

  • Learning&Development Program Design,

  • Leadership Program Design,

  • Organizational Design,

  • Job Analysis & Job Evaluation,

  • Compensation Analysis & Design,

  • Search & Selection Process,

  • The First 90 Days & Onboarding,

  • Top Management Reports & HR Metrics,

  • HR Policies & Procedures.

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Researches show us that coaching is one of the best investments a company can offer to leaders and talents. It effects many areas varying from the employee retention to the conflict management. Depending on the organizational structure and the needs; we build a strong coaching program through our experienced Coach Team.

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Human Resources Consultancy: Services
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